Audits and Assessments

Get ready to make the BIG difference in your facilities and EHSE management systems by measuring the grade of performances and defining the scope of improvement in it. Northstar Audits and assessments will help you to measure the ongoing EHSE regulatory compliance in your organization, while keeping it sound with the existing management systems.

Northstar provides a variety of EHSE audit services to clients that help them in verifying their day to day operations and activities. We make sure that your business is in compliance with local regulatory requirements, procedures and policies. Every step that we take at Northstar audit services is motivated with the desire to make your business applicable with the best EHS management standards.

Team Northstar comprises of some of the best known auditors in the EHSE domain, facilitating ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 audits to the management standards. We also help our clients with the best audit processes and consultation services. With in-depth reporting and imminent knowledge of non-compliance and other deficiencies, we clearly understand all the factors that pose great risk and potential harm to our clients.

Our Auditors have expertise in different industrial sectors







Power Generation






Iron & Steel

Metal Casting

Metal Fabrication


As innovation marks our driving force, we keep our eyes open for solving our clients concerns with the best-in-town auditing and assessment services. Our audit coverage extends to:

  • Specification and standards as per National and International conducts.
  • Specific requirements as per the demands of industry/company.
  • Aim to improve the project site as per best industrial standards.
  • Last minute emergency audits for major mishap or disaster.
  • Special audit cases where contractors find it difficult to cope with client’s system.
  • Capture loss of productivity, unplanned work approach and missing competency at site.
  • Conduct fire risk assessment audits as per the Factories Act of preceding state.

Northstar holds a proven-track record of providing world class audit and assessment services for environment, health, safety, and compliance management. Our team of auditors comprises of numerous certified professionals auditors who have collectively completed more than 9,873trainings till date for various clients, be it small or fortune 500 companies. At Northstar, we completely understand the necessity and utility of compliance training, regulations and certifications for various industries.