Accident Assessment​

Life goes by fast, while accidents are even faster. This is why it is essential to learn from existing accidents and mishaps to improve safety on future projects and prevent any more accidents.


Accident Support

A standardized accident investigation service is necessary to get this information and our experience in accident investigations gives us the needed knowledge and skills to carry out a full-fledged investigation. Our team is also comfortable in aiding in investigations led by others.

Apart from investigating accidents, we also provide courses in investigation methods for accidents that assist in training your workforce to be prepared to deal with any unforeseen events.

Learning and Understanding

We approach organizational learning as the primary focus of accident investigations. This helps us prepare your employees for the learning procedure. Our process explains the importance of identifying threats as this can prevent accidents and near misses. We ensure that your workforce fully understands this.

Another aspect of our investigation involves collecting important information about the events that occurred in a correct chronological sequence. We include information from all sources – human and technical. This ensures that we cover every angle of the case. Our team’s expertise and experience guarantee an unparallel accident investigation.s

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