Construction and Design Management

NorthStar has been offering a suite of expert services which are personalized and specifically designed to support your project as per the CDM 2015 regulations.

CDM 2015 Regulations

Construction and Design Management Regulations or CDM are the primary regulations that maintain standards for Construction and Design projects in the UK. The CDM regulations were updated in 2015 and had replaced the regulations of 2007. This caused a substantial change in the standards which caused the responsibilities to shift as well accordingly.

The CDM standards of regulations apply to all building and construction projects which includes all new constructions, demolitions, refurbishments, extensions, repairs, etc.

The Most Important Changes Brought About by the CDM Regulations 2015 are:

The Replacement of the previous CMD regulations saw some major changes in the industry. These included the removal of CMD Coordinators, and the introduction of the Principal Designer, among others. This has subsequently created three major roles for the management of the health and safety of construction projects, while leaving the client with the overall responsibility of successfully executing the projects. The Principal Designer and Principal Contractor lead the project during different phases of its completion. Other major changes include:

  • All the projects are required to have workers with the right skills, training, knowledge and experience. Contractors on the other hand, are responsible for supervising, instructing, and designing a written construction plan.
  • Projects that have multiple contractors need to have only one Principal Contractor and a Principal Designer appointed along with a health and safety file.
  • If the work that has been already planned is expected to take more than 30 days, or have more than 20 workers working at a time simultaneously, or even take more than 500 person days, it is the client’s responsibility to inform the Health and Safety Executive using the F10 notification.

CDM Advisory

NorthStar has developed a range of services that can help your business to discharge your team of duties and simultaneously increase the health and safety standards of your project.

By working with your team in partnership and supporting your Principal Contractor and Principal Designer in the daily roles, we can contribute with our expertise and knowledge of the CDM 2015 standards.

Our solution system offers an unbiased safety advice which is independent of all external factors and is personalized to your every need. We enable flexibility via a variety of solutions and allow your team to upgrade the service plan at any phase of development of your project.

Irrespective of the fact of your role in the project as an operator, Principal Designer, architect, client, developer or contractor; we have CDM advisory services that will benefit you. These can range from the solution to help you in fulfilling your CDM standards. Or adding additional operational duties as time progresses.

Core CDM Services

Our core services relating to the CDM 2015 standards include:

Dedicated CDM Advisor

Your project will get one of our finest and most experienced CDM advisors to guide your project and fulfill your CDM requirements. They will be your single point of contact for the entire duration of the project and will work closely with your group to ensure that you are doing all that is required to meet the CDM Regulations.

Site Health and Safety Surveys

Your CDM advisor will partake in routine visits to the construction sire to analyze the health and safety risks that already exist there. This will help to identify which health and safety duties would be required to be fulfilled prior to construction.

Pre-Construction Information

After conducting a thorough survey of the site, a report will be presented that will include all the information required prior to construction and can be used to determine whether further surveys will be required or not.

F10 Management

Our team will ensure that the HSE is always updated and notified whenever necessary via the F10 notification and this will be managed throughout the lifetime of your project.

Competency Checks

Our team helps to ensure that all the contractors and designers that are working on your project are sufficiently skilled and have the knowledge and experience to work with safety on similar projects. We will also check their references and previous work records to demonstrate their capability in working on the subject.

Review Construction Phase Plan

We offer to liaise with the Principal Contractor in order to ensure a suitable Construction Phase Plan is produced to allow work on your site to begin.

Health and Safety File

Our CDM advisor will maintain all your health and safety documents. This file will be managed by us and will be available to your team via an online portal and will be ready as the construction and operational phase of the entire project.

Technical Reviewer

Your CDM Advisor will be responsible to ensure that all your support needs are met and will undertake a full review of all HS features, Design Documents, and Drawings that need to provide you with the required advice and comments.

Additional CDM Services

Design Team Meetings

Your CDM Advisor will be present at all design meetings to offer CDM and HS expertise. They will be responsible to provide assistance in identifying all HS risks and provide guidance on the principles of prevention, a hierarchal arrangement of risks and their elimination.

Construction Phase Plan

The Construction Phase Plan is prepared while collaborating with the Principal Contractor in order to ensure that it is appropriate for the project, and is reviewed at HS visits at the site.

Site Inspections and Monitoring Visits

The CDM advisor will be periodically visiting the site to review all the existing and potential HS concerns. This will reassure that the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor is managing the site correctly.

Demonstration Review

The CDM advisor appointed to you will be in-charge of reviewing all the health and safety information which relates to the site to ensure that the documents suitable for the project are present and recorded for. If this is not the case, they will provide guidance on how to go about the situation.

Risk Workshops

In order to properly aid the design process in ensuring that the project is safe to use and design, we facilitate all workshops with experienced designers, clients, as well as stake-holders to review and analyze the designs to identify the safety concerns from a safety engineer’s perspective.

Principal Designer

The revision of the entire CDM Regulations in 2015, has created the spot for a new duty called the Principal Designer. They are responsible to be effective for the coordinated HS process during the design and pre-construction phases to ensure that the principles of prevention are a part of the designs.

Their primary focus is meant to be the identification and elimination of all concerns to safety and hazards in the construction site and the construction phase plan. They are not the lead designer, but rather a person who is responsible for ensuring that the duty holders are all ware of their legal duties. They also ensure that all the involved parties effectively communicate and ensure that they cooperate between the parties including the designers/architects.