Environmental Impact

Protecting the Environment is the central focus of our industrial values and is reflected in all our actions. As a result, we ensure that our Environmental Services are aimed at giving the environment our absolute best protection with the highest safety standards and deep-rooted risk assessment.

Environmental Impact Study and Assessment

These hazard and operability studies or HAZOPs are our comprehensive audits after a structured and standardized examination and assessment of a process or operation. This is meant to locate and evaluate risks in the process that may result in personnel, environmental, or property loss. These risks may also altogether halt company processes and cause financial strains as a result. This is why our HAZOP services are meant to help ensure that these risks are analyzed and either eliminated or provided with countermeasures and alternatives for the same. This is carried out in sets of several meetings.

The method used by our teams in creating HAZOP reports is both quantitative as well as quantitative and is used to identify potential hazards and problems in operation by stimulating the imagination of our expert risk analyzers. This is carried out in sets of meetings and the international standards dictate that this should be done in an environment that promotes positive thinking and open aired discussions. This helps in boosting fair judgement and intuition.

Environmental Management

Our team has specialists in various fields of environmental management who are perfectly experienced and trained to assist you in your project throughout its various stages unto completion. Our environmental managers and consultants work with you to provide their expertise, and perform various tasks such as managing and reporting on all environmental factors related to your project.

They compliment their specializations with over 10 years of experience in supporting projects in their environmental aspects and perform corporate functions for the same in our clients’ industries. They are qualified to support various kinds of projects such as mining, oil & gas extraction, chemical processing, etc. Apart from the above, they can also support smaller projects remotely and come on site when the activities require to do so.

Our extremely qualified team of environmental consultants specializes in developing ISO 14001 environmental management systems of the highest quality standards. These are meant to assist international organizations in abiding by the global standards of best practices.

Our ISO 14001 environmental management systems are efficient in managing environmental risks and in turn boosting company performance. Apart from this, they also have all standard procedures and necessary forms loaded up to provide immediate assistance. Our system fully meets all the needs of the ISO 14001 standards including the legal review. This helps ensure that our clients will never need to rework their existing environmental management system to meet ISO 14001 standards and get government consent.