One of our key services includes providing hazard and operational studies across a variety of industries and processes. These industries include everything from upstream production facilities and oil separation units to construction projects and pharmaceutical processes.

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What is HAZOP?

Our teams periodically design Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) for all scales of projects which include municipal, provisional, and industrial. These help us provide us with important assessment data of the current conditions, financial deals, and management standards for an industry.

One of the most prominent features of securing governmental consent for an industrial project is providing a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment. This acts as an Audit to provide information about the project and its impact on the natural and social environments. Our services in EIA examine the possible negative effects of a project on the environment and the methods or alternatives that can be used to avoid them. Apart from the natural environment, our staff also specializes in the social environments and the methods of avoiding adversities in them.

How We Can Support You

Our team is extremely efficient in providing HAZOP results and members have years of experience which has been hardwired with several HAZOPs with industry experts as facilitators. These facilitators have the ability and judgement to dwell deep into the team’s psyche to analyze their experience in identifying hazards and operational barriers.

The HAZOP solutions you receive from us are extremely flexible to allow scaling to your project’s individual requirements. This helps us to ensure that each HAZOP has been completely personalized for the client and is well suited for the project at hand. More often than not, HAZOPs end up leading to further required studies as well such as LOPA, QEA and SIL. In these cases, our safety managers will bring added value to your overall risk management processes.


Latest Innovations

Our hard work in your HAZOP ensures that you get services which are both cost and time effective and thereby give you the best value for your money. Our team carries out each HAZOP with the most updated methods and techniques and thereby enables them to identify all possible risks at a much quicker speed. One of the recent innovations utilized by our teams is called “line-walking” which reviews an existing process against its P&ID.