Are You Aware of All Your Potential Hazards?

Our team has been working extensively on developing the ideal experience of planning and executing QRAs or Quantitative Risk Analysis techniques as management tools.

We have been completing several QRAs for our clients across the globe – varying in scale from small studies to fully optimizes QRAs for multinational industries. This level of experience ensures you get every angle covered in your QRA.

Our team processes QRAs for all the stages of your project since this ensures new hazards do not arise without being identified in latter stages. Hazard analysis and QRAs are now considered standardized methods for providing an organization with a fully developed risk profile. This also involves processing the estimated frequency and risks of hazardous scenarios along with providing possible countermeasures for each of them.

Our Services Include

  • HAZID or Hazard Identification
  • Hazard Operability Study (HAZOP)
  • EERA or Emergency Escape Risk Assessment
  • MAH or Major Accidental Hazards – estimated frequency of major mishaps
  • Risk evaluation
  • Fire, smoke and gas simulated training and assessment
  • Explosion simulation and assessment
  • Impairment evaluations
  • Quantified evaluation of risk or QRA
  • ALARP evaluation

The process of a QRA is quite simple and does not always require a significant investment. Moreover, our team is also trained to carry out QRAs remotely via the internet as this helps save both time and money. However, in online QRAs, the industry must agree upon a minimum baseline of risk beforehand.