Safety Engineering

Protecting the Environment is the central focus of our industrial values and is reflected in all our actions. As a result, we ensure that our Environmental Services are aimed at giving the environment our absolute best protection with the highest safety standards and deep-rooted risk assessment.


Safety Engineering

Safety engineering is the most important aspect of design and engineering projects. This is essential for the designing, since it allows for various health, environmental and safety consequences to be analyzed in the early stages of their existence. This dramatically makes a difference in the level of financial strain which could be bought about by such unforeseen circumstances upon realization of the project.

The Safety and HSE designs are well defined in the regulations of designing standards and guidelines which are recognized internationally. Safety engineering involves taking a deep analysis of the project’s various probabilities which is mainly centric on risks. This causes the safety cases to be drawn up in detail and meet ALARP.

Safety Solutions

Our solutions relating to safety engineering involve the following:

  • Carrying out risk assessments or QRAs for design – ALARP studies
  • International Safety Case Protection
  • IADC HSE Case production
  • MAH or Major Accident Hazard review
  • Risk analysis, treatment, and even risk communication with the help of sophisticated bowtie risk management models
  • Identifying and setting up verification for SCEs
  • Assessment of facilities for escape plans and analysis (EERA)
  • Performing effect modeling calculations for release of toxic and flammable substances (CDF)
  • Fire Safety and assessment (FERA)
  • Human factor engineering (HFE)
  • Ship collision and helicopter transport studies.

Solutions for Design Based Reliability and Availability

NorthStar has been working to develop new and improved techniques which can greatly affect the designing phase and minimize the risks involved. Our risk analysis ensures the best designs and maintenance solutions that can optimize your assets and help you in meeting your goals of productivity and finances with minimized risks and strains.

The designing and maintenance of the production and supporting assets requires implementation of several factors. These help in determining the cost and reliability of the realized project. This also analyzes risks and determines whether maintenance efforts are justified or not. This is carried out in the presence of all the involved parties. Optimizing these factors requires a standardized and structured approach. This is accomplished perfectly with the expertise of our team.